Grant your womb the time to speak.




New Course Dates**

June 9th - July 14th, 2024

Sundays at 5PM EST / 10PM GMT / 5AM Hong Kong.

Class will be approximately 3 hours. 

>> We are luminous beings, coming to earth through the womb, a portal between realms, holding the codes of the universe within <<


Week One


The womb is a well of infinite potentiality & inFORMation. In week one we are exploring our inner-verse, the YONIverse, the portal that transcends into other dimensions. We will assess the womb in all its physical and energetic forms and facets as well as her interconnectivity with her twin organ - the heart. 

Week Two


Clearing the womb of energetic imprints such as trauma and intimacy-cords which determine our patterns and behaviors. We address the father wound & mother wound that are encoded in our wombs. By assessing our father’s wounds and our mother’s wounds (and beyond) we can decode interGENERATIONal programming and the armor we develop as a tool for protection.

Week Three


Recoding the womb requires us to explore our self worth and the underlying programming, in order to create new energetic imprints of high frequencies that emanate from the womb.

Week Four


The extent to which a magnetic container magnetizes onto itself, is determined by its frequency. Together we will dive into the routines that affect a high frequency lifestyle, from a high frequency diet to mindfulness practices and Yoga routines that amplify your frequency. We will share mental and spiritual frequency keys that open new and dormant realms within.

We will set new standards for our lives by upgrading habits, surroundings and that which we come into immediate contact with on a regular basis, to create a high frequency lifestyle - a vessel that constitutes a self determined, magical and abundant life.

Week Five


We tap into the creative energy that is prevalent inside of our wombs. Inevitably things grow on fertile ground. When we create a conducive environment, we naturally enjoy the fruits of the seeds we sow and nurture. In addition, we will also enjoy the fruits of that which nature pollinates our container with. We bask in the abundance of that which can sprout in the space we have created.

Flourishing prosperity is our birth right and as women we are naturally coded to create & produce. What does it feel and look like to embody the essence of a garden that flourishes and bears fruits for you to enjoy and generations to come?

Week Six


Becoming comfortable in the realm of miracles.


"This portal has been gently activating. Speaking to and through us, slowly yet surely! A garden of womb and sharing wisdom and stories."

<div class="editor-content"><p>Dulini, Aurum Elixir&nbsp;April 2024</p></div>,

Dulini, Aurum Elixir April 2024

​​"The Aurum Elixir is what my womb has been calling in for years. Together Sarah and Mallence offer a very deep and profound class that feels like an ancient reunion with the womb. It’s a life long practice to listen to her, sometimes the healing process felt like my absolute edge, but on the other side of that I felt so grounded and peaceful. I am deeply grateful to Sarah and Mallence for this life changing class and to all the other women for going on this journey together."

<div class="editor-content"><p>Alyssa, Aurum Elixir April 2024</p></div>,

Alyssa, Aurum Elixir April 2024

"The dedication that Mallence and Sarah have to hold space for so many hours in the manner that they have is a testament to both of their commitments to the awakening of women."

<div class="editor-content"><p>Hasna, Aurum Elixir April 2024</p></div>,

Hasna, Aurum Elixir April 2024



Sarah Wesley

Sarah is a creator and Kemetic Yoga practitioner. She uses the mediums of movement, sound and prose to create transcendental wellness experiences. Sarah explores themes of consciousness, ancient wisdom, mythology, self-elevation and mindfulness.

She is the co-founder of the wellness collectives, RETURN TO KEMET & THE NILE GODDESS, leading transformational retreat experiences around the world. Her Youtube channel has been featured in Women's Health, Vogue and Elle magazine for her unique teaching style and transformative practice.

Upon completing her training under South African Shaman and Traditional Healer Ursula Macheke in Luxor, Egypt, Sarah embarked on a journey of immersion in Egypt to further enrich her understanding and mastery of ancient philosophies. Her quest for wisdom has taken her across Africa and the Americas, where she studied diverse traditions, philosophies, and spiritual practices. Sarah is inspired to impart her learnings to foster connection among communities and culture through the dissemination knowledge and elevating practices. Her RTK study abroad program with California State University leads transformative educational initiatives that transcend the confines of traditional academia.

Sarah has been featured in international media including CNN’s Travel Trends and BBC’s #SheWord.

Mallence Bart-Williams

Mallence has been walking in the footsteps of her great-GRAND-mother Mallence, on the trails of indigenous wisdom keepers in the remote jungles of West Africa, South East Asia and the Amazonas, learning from what she calls “living libraries” – wise women and men, who are the custodians of unwritten wisdom sciences, that encompass the realms between body and spirit.

Nature is her academy and taught her everything conventional education didn’t offer. She has been initiated into working with the intelligence of plants by West African Shamans of the Bwiti tribe and Shipibo elders in the Amazonas and learnt under a Chinese Medical Qigong master, how to heal the body with her hands. While some of these elders have transcended into the afterlife, their wisdom lives on inside of Mallence and informs all of her work.

Mallence has worked in the field of womb wellness for the over 2 decades and has impacted the wombs of thousands of women around the world, as a conduit of ancient medicine for modern women.

Mallence creates physical and metaphysical womb spaces, like the Asar Healing Sanctuary in Giza - Egypt, Lineage in Ubud - Bali and Ethical Minerals in Sierra Leone, West Africa. With The Sacred Garden, Secret Ceres and The Golden Chalice she invites women into healing and transformation.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect to gain from this experience?

You will immerse in a six week journey into the profound wisdom of the womb with the intention to reset, recalibrate and recode your womb. You will receive tangible tools and codes as well as information on womb healing and womb wellness. Within the portal of the AURUM ELIXIR you are centering your womb. You are granting your womb the time to speak in a capacity it has waited for generations to express. This experience will change the way you will conduct you life thereafter.

When and what time is class?

Class will be held Sundays at 5PM EST / 10PM GMT / 5AM Hong Kong. Class will be approximately 3 hours. 

What do I need?

You will need a beautiful new journal dedicated solely to this experience & a private space to practice and join the classes. You could also find a space in nature.

Is this class for me if I had a full or partial hysterectomy?

The Ancient Egyptians believed that the womb was a free floating consciousness that entered and exited the body according to the body's frequency. Hence even in the event of a removal of the physical organ, the consciousness of the womb prevails. It is the very consciousness we explore and code during this 6 week master-class. The class is for all women who were born with a womb. 

Can I join if I carry heavy womb trauma?

The womb is like a vast memory bank that stores information from millennia ago as well as this present lifetime. As women it is important to take regular inventory of the information we carry in our wombs, as we would with any other memory bank. Trauma is an informative imprint that is stored and affects our patterns and behaviors, often in ways that limit us and hinder our expansion. We highly recommend taking active initiatives to clear womb trauma, to be part of every woman's lifestyle. During this masterclass we dedicate the first few modules to the release of imprints that no longer serve us. So YES, please join us!

Is this class for me if I have fibroids?

Fibroids are a manifestation of unprocessed trauma and grief. 3 out of 5 women have fibroids, as very little focus is given to the release of trauma imprints from the womb. When you think of fibroids as pockets of 'constipated trauma' that have accumulated over lifetimes and generations, the work of releasing the trauma can never begin early enough. While there is a clinical allopathic approach that many women chose to take, the energetic approach of resolving fibroids is equally important and should be part of every woman's preventative care and wellness routine. 

Will this class be for me if I suffer from irregular menstrual pain?

Menstrual irregularities and pain can have various reasons that are both physiological and energetic. We will work on the underlying energetics that can cause pain during our masterclass. These tools and methods have helped countless women to experience regular pain free cycles that are synchronized with the moon phases. 

Can I partake in this class if I am pregnant?

During pregnancy a woman expands into the portal that connects the dimension between heaven and earth. Pregnancy is an expansive and immersive phase simultaneously. Creating intentional space allows for optimum expansion during this time. By releasing energetic imprints such as core wounds like the 'MOTHER WOUND' & 'FATHER WOUND,' we release oceans of associate emotions, patterns and behaviors that will automatically become encoded in the DNA of our child and all future offsprings until these imprints are decoded. 

Will this class be beneficial to me if I am menopausal?

When a woman enters Menopause she enters the phase of the WISE WOMAN . This phase is dedicated to sharing her wisdom and knowledge with the younger generations. In this phase she has released all pain and trauma to now to fully expand into the wise woman. Attaining full awareness of the WOMB'S CONSCIOUSNESS allows her to fully flourish during this golden phase of her life.