A reimagined approach for developing a mindful wellness business.

Developing a business can serve as a transformative catalyst for personal growth and expansion.

We find ourselves in an era reminiscent of a new renaissance, characterized by vast possibilities that allow us to authentically shape the business and lifestyle we envision - a vision created deep in the dreamstate. Amidst the rise of AI, increased accessibility to resources, rising collective consciousness, and the intricate interconnection of the virtual and energetic realms, a unique window of opportunity presents itself. 

The evolving landscape of work encourages us to align with our passions and follow our bliss. 

This masterclass serves as an introduction to the creation of a mindful wellness business. It delves into fundamental aspects of mental, physical, and spiritual preparation, explores mindset shifts, unconventional approaches to accessing abundance, the trajectory of the creator economy, and the application of ancient wisdom codes for modern transformation.

This masterclass is for those who would like to develop their own dream business, create additional streams of income, make a career pivot into a lucrative and rewarding industry and are inspired to make the necessary changes on an emotional, mental and spiritual level to achieve a greater vision for their lives. 

The Dreamstate Masterclass

A reimagined approach for developing a mindful wellness business.


All is Mind - Importance of Mentality: The ancient ways, the scope, what to consider when starting a mindful wellness business, the necessary components on a mental, physical and spiritual level

Mindset & Preparation: Letting go of stagnant and limiting beliefs, tools for reprogramming the subconscious, mindful practices for business expansion and growth, setting the tone for the dreamstate

The Golden Era of the Digital Renaissance: How to take advantage of it, the emerging creator economy - "The future belongs to those who can create."

Following Your Bliss: Following your authentic and true calling, reimagined ways of tuning in and upleveling

Activating Your Inner Alchemist: Laws of Prosperity, Psychology of Money, energetics of attraction, utilizing ancient codes & tools for modern change, mindful practices for longevity

Dreaming Larger: How to plan and accomplish your goals, highest timeline for yourself, developing your vision & dream planning


A link to join the live session will be sent 24 hours prior. Access to the recorded content will be available on your profile afterwards. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I watch the replay if I cannot attend the session live?

Yes, you will have access to the recorded material on your profile where you can rewatch at any time. 

What do I need?

You will need a comfortable space for meditation and feel free to bring a journal for notes and reflection.