The Ascension

7 Intentional Days of Yoga & Meditation

The importance of habit.

90% of our thoughts are repetitive. This gives us the opportunity to create monumental change with small, daily habits. The thoughts we hold slowly become beliefs and those beliefs begin to shape our world. Alongside those beliefs are emotions and physical expressions of this repetition. 

Life is about choices. When we truly decide to change, this is the moment that our body and our reality begin to shift and recondition. We first move from the old self into the new self on the etheric plane. Over time, and once we reach past the 'plateau of latent potential' as James Clear, author of Atomic Habits, would say, we break through to the next level of our lives.

However, this break through is not for everyone. Get ready to become uncomfortable and find comfort in the discomfort. It will be worth it. 

Intention. Repetition. Consistency.

The Program

7 Days of Yoga & Meditation

Creating new paradigms and programs in our lives, we are just a mindset away. This program is 7 a day yoga and meditation experience focused on reprogramming our subconscious beliefs systems. During our classes we will explore philosophical concepts of habit, the power of elevated emotions and creating positive changes of repetition and intention. 

7 Days of Daily Practice [LIVE]

Tune in and start your morning with daily yoga & meditation available to listen to when and wherever you are. Class will be live at 7AM EST. A recording will be uploaded to your profile so you watch/practice later as well.

Creating New Habits

Every morning will be a different themed class with a journal prompt. Allow this to be the beginning of a commitment to new belief systems and habits. Accompany this with intentional journaling and diet. 

Exclusive Yoga Flows

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“If you commit to something for 7 days, the amount of metabolic and biological changes that will take place in your body will be so significant that your body will actually believe that it is living in your [desired] future.”

- Dr. Joe Dispenza