Echoes of Serenity


A comprehensive journey to creating your retreat ecosystem and wellness business.

In 2019 I hosted my first retreat in the beautiful land of Egypt. This was almost a year and half after completing my yoga certification and canceling my flight back home. I had no idea of the journey that lay ahead. I had always known that I wanted a life of freedom, travel and service. I hadn’t expected to then co-found a wellness business, travel to some of the most stunning locations on earth and meet some of the most incredible souls on the journey, many of whom have become friends and family. Creating and facilitating transformational retreats is an entire production. You are gifted with the opportunity to create a reality from scratch, sometimes in a foreign land, and manage the flow and energetics of a container of souls. Many of whom are seeking an escape, a time to release, a chance to heal and reconnect with something magical and divine. Often what people see are the results of the curation - the beach pictures, yoga poses and succulent foods we are delighted to experience. But the pre-production, the planning, the real-time challenges and last minute changes, managing finances, covering legal protections, connecting with local cultures and honoring the land that we walk upon are often overlooked.

What I love most about hosting retreats is immersing myself in my deepest curiosities and sharing them with others. This passion also led me to start a YouTube channel and an online wellness studio. I have a deep love for exploration, examining the psyche (hello, fellow Philosophy majors), and traversing unknown paths. This is precisely what brought me to live in Egypt and now Bali. There is a Japanese term, ikigai—“iki” meaning “to live” and “gai” meaning “reason”—which translates to “a reason to live.” I have found that my purest moments of joy come from the freedom to explore myself and the world while sharing these experiences with others. What a gift it is to create, curate, and share. This is the beauty and essence of running a retreat business.

The Course

August 4th - August 25th, 2024 

4 Weeks of Business, Wellness and Building Your First Retreat 

This is an experiential journey in self-exploration and business development. We'll navigate the process of curating, developing, and implementing your dream retreat business, all while staying attuned to the evolving landscape of our times. With the integration of social media, AI, and expanded resources, this course is specifically tailored for the retreat industry in 2024. We dive into principles of mindset, the feminine flow of prosperity, and more. Join for a powerful, reimagined approach to business, retreats and personal evolution.

** The Live version will have the opportunity for Q&A and personal feedback on the creation of your retreat and wellness business. 


*All modules will be live online and uploaded in video format to your profile.

CLARITY | How and why do you want to serve? Aligning with the heart space. 

EXPLORATION | Gathering research, ideas, brainstorming sessions and curating your ideal retreat avatar.

NOURISHMENT | Pouring into yourself, exploring the skills, training, certifications and books necessary to develop who you are and what you can offer as a brand and during retreats.

POSSIBILITY | Organizing the structure of your retreat ecosystem, retreats + offerings that compliment your retreat, program offerings, developing itineraries, schedule & destinations.

IDENTITY | Defining your unique brand, offerings and your retreat concept.

IMAGINATION STATION | Marketing and content creation. Exploring the landscape of AI, the digital renaissance, automation and tools for developing and finding your community.

MONEY | Pricing your retreats so that you can optimize the experience and make a generous profit.

PRACTICALITY | Legal, business, creating an LLC, business operations.

ALCHEMY | Mindset, feminine flow of prosperity, releasing limiting belief systems.

CONSISTENCY | This is a lifestyle reset. Remain consistent and see the fruits of your labor.

Also Included: 

  • Abundance Flow

  • Abundance Meditation 

  • Positive Mindset Shifts Flow 

  • Abundance Soundscape 

  • Retreat Templates & Documents

  • PDF of recommended resources and tips for international retreats

This course is for:

  • Aspiring Entrepreneurs: Those who would like to develop their own retreat business.

  • Current Business Owners: Those who are looking to expand reach, scale or offer new services in the wellness and retreat market.

  • Building out a retreat business ecosystem with other offerings that support your retreat vision.

  • Creating additional streams of income.

  • Making a career pivot into a lucrative and rewarding industry.

  • *Those inspired to make the necessary changes on an emotional, mental and spiritual level to achieve their personal and business goals.

  • Those who would like to join with entrepreneurial, wellness and business mindsets to commune and share in an intentional space


This course is live online and in video format. Classes are Sunday at 4PM EST. Access to the content will be available on your profile after each class.


"When I embarked on my first wellness business journey over six years ago, I had no idea of the transformative odyssey that lay ahead. Entrepreneurship not only catalyzed profound shifts on physical and financial levels but also demanded more from me than I had ever dared challenge myself to before. To effect change in our external circumstances, significant shifts must first occur on the energetic plane, clearing the path for enduring, meaningful transformations. Through my first wellness venture, I journeyed to some of the world's most breathtaking locations, achieving not only financial success, surpassing six figures within the initial two years, but also profoundly impacting countless lives worldwide. Each year became an opportunity to dream bigger, expanding our business and personal horizons beyond what we once deemed possible. From there I embarked on creating two more wellness centered businesses. The transformative potential of cultivating a wellness business with intentionality and heart-centered effort unlocks new vistas and opportunities, forever altering our life's trajectory."


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the content?

You will have unlimited access to the recorded material on your profile where you can watch at any time. 

What do I need?

You will need a comfortable space with no to minimal distractions, a journal, pen and maybe a cup of tea =)