The Red Lotus

Retreat and Tantric Certification

Gateway into Sacred Sexuality through Tantric Rites of Passage

May 19-24, 2024


The Tantric Way

Tantra is the art of intentional and sacred exploration of Self. Many might immediately think that tantra is all about lovemaking, and in some ways it is - it is all about love. It is about unconditional love of Self, it is about showing up and loving on yourself. Tantra, at its core, is about love awakening within.

The Red Lotus Tantra Retreat will take practitioners through an erotic rite of passage by integrating sensual wellness techniques that awaken the kundalini, thus, creating inner peace and balance. Move from pleasure to bliss through self-exploration and transforming to a greater frequency. This workshop is for singles or lovers who wish to reignite the fire within your relationship with self or another. Create greater alignment with yourself by exploring the various portals of Tantra, including, Ayurveda, Sacred Mantra, Tantric Yoga, and more.

Retreat & Tantric Certification 

Retreat guests and students will receive a Level One Tantric Certification. 

Tantric Yoga Practices

Erotic Touch Techniques, Sacred language of Tantra, Enhanced intimacy Techniques, Ayurveda and Partner Practices

Emotional / Trauma Processing

Emotional safety & vulnerability, Deeper alignment with spirituality

Kemetic Yoga

Kemetic yoga practices to enhance and strengthen the Ba & Ka, Improving flexibility and mindfulness

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Sarah Wesley

Sarah is a wellness practitioner, artist, yoga & meditation teacher using the mediums of movement, sound, storytelling and breath to explore themes of consciousness, ancient wisdom, mythology, self-discovery and mindfulness.

She is trained as an African-Shamanic Kemetic yoga and meditation teacher and an initiate in the Awakening of Divine Feminine Sexual Power, the foundation of Sacred Sexuality work. Co-founder of the wellness collective, Return to Kemet, Sarah leads transformational retreats that are elemental experiences in ancient wisdom technologies, alchemy, ritual, art, ceremony and modern & ancient philosophy. Sarah holds a degree in Communication & Media Studies and Philosophy from Rutgers University.

Sarah has been featured in major international media including CNN’s Travel Trends and BBC’s #SheWord as well as fashion and lifestyle publications such as VOGUE, ELLE & Women’s Health Magazine.

Dr. Latia Philips Bey

Dr. Latia Phillips-Bey, currently holds a Doctoral Degree in Healthcare Administration. She is a 500hr experienced Yoga Therapist who has a passion for empowering individuals through the sacred teachings of Tantra.

Dr. Phillips-Bey does tantric workshops and retreats all over the world, that are based in self-knowledge by way of kemetic yoga, metaphysics, astrology and esoteric practices. Dr. Phillips-Bey is an initiated Kemetic Priestess into the mysteries of Hetheru and is devoted to the uplifting and healing of her lineage by sharing powerful and ancient wisdom of her Ancestors through Tantra.